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Company History

1999-Ningbo Sunlit Stationery and Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

When we started 20 years ago, import and export businesses had not opened widely in China, but the companies in free trade zones could operate business through state-owned import and export companies. Ningbo, a major port city, was one of the areas that set up a free trade zone. In 1999, Ningbo Sunlit Stationery and Sports Goods Co., Ltd registered as a free trade zone company, and started import and export operations of stationery items.

2005- Paric Ningbo Stationery & Gifts MFG.Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Sunlit strived to develop and manufacture high quality and innovative products, continuously improving efficiency and reducing costs. At the same time, in order to better protect intellectual property rights, we decided to establish Ningbo Parric. As the R&D and production base of the company, Parric became dedicated to R&D and manufacturing high-quality and innovative products . We also set up our technical and management team to provide support to our existing suppliers.

2007-Ningbo Sunlit International Co.,Ltd.

In 2007, more private enterprises could easily attain import and export licenses in a more opened up China. Ningbo Sunlit started import and export business independently. It's not just convenient, but also better to control risks, improve operation efficiency and reduce costs.

2014-Ningbo Parric won the prestigious title of High-Tech Enterprise for the first time.

1999年 – 宁波保税区新丽文体用品有限公司成立


2005年 – 注册成立宁波市恺丰文具礼品有限公司


2007年 – 设立宁波新丽联合进出口有限公司


2014年 – 恺丰文具礼品有限公司首次获得高新技术企业称号。