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Scoring Board 12“x12”-CM

NO.: 565-005


• Effortlessly create your own cards and envelopes with this simple to use tool. The front side works as a card maker and scoring board, while the back is a guide for envelope making and embossing. The tool is lightweight and works for various sizes.

• Compact & easy to use for paper crafting projects ,school,home,scrapbooks, cards, decorations and any paper craft.


• Approximate dimensions:15.9" x 14" x 1.8".

• Actual scoring surface: 12" x 12", with guides every 1/8 inches.

• CM guider.

• Packaging: 1 PC/blister card.

Package Includes: 

• 1 Scoring Board

• 1 Score and Fold Tool

• 1 Envelope and Box Maker

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Scoring Board 12“x12”-CM

Scoring Board 12“x12”-CM

NO.: 565-005